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Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 157 Iran Interlink Weekly Digest

Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 157

The mass transfers of the radicalised residents of Camp Liberty in Iraq to a closed base in Albania is continuing. But among the transfers was a charter flight carrying 115 of Rajavi’s close associates who are wanted people. Several sources in Iraq have said that although this flight is registered as a UN flight, it is Saudi Arabia along with the American military who have escorted these people safely out of the country. This has led to speculation that Massoud Rajavi …

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Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 156 Iran Interlink Weekly Digest

Other comments have talked about the exodus of disaffected members in Tirana and the breakdown of the MEK’s control over the members. Basically, there is growing chaos inside the MEK/MKO/PMOI as members are constantly finding ways to contact the outside world.++ While this is happening, four series of wanted people – heads of the MEK – have been transferred out of Iraq....

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Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 155 Iran Interlink Weekly Digest

Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 155

… The main question inside the MEK has now progressed from ‘where is Massoud Rajavi’ to ‘where is Massoud Rajavi, dead or alive?’ As time passes and both the Saudis and the MEK remain mum, the situation among the membership gets worse. This has now spread to the remaining members of the NCRI. Now that it has become open that the MEK were being paid by Saudi Arabia from the time of Saddam …

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Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 154 Iran Interlink Weekly Digest

Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 154

The commentary about Saudi relations with the MEK/MKO/PMOI has continued this week. The main themes are that this is nothing new and that it will not be a long-term thing and that ultimately Iran will gain, not Saudi Arabia. A short analysis by Behzad Alishah covers the points made by others about the three main players last week. He says: if I were Maryam Rajavi, I would beg the Saudis not to make me do whatever …

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Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 153 Iran Interlink Weekly Digest

Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 153

This last week marked the anniversary of the Forough-e Javidan (Eternal Light) or Mersad operation. Many memories have been written from both sides – from Iran and former MEK/MKO/PMOI members. But the theme of all of them is that after so many years it is now obvious that the MEK is not a military or even an ideological force. It is a purely mercenary force which has now ended up in the hands of the Saudis. The …

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Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 152 Iran Interlink Weekly Digest

It was of some significance that several of the MEK’s usual supporters didn’t attend, such as Rudi Giuliani. These are people who are retired but still have political ambitions in the USA. The three main Arab lobbyists of the MEK also did not attend. One commented that ‘the money is not worth it, I have a wife and children to think of’. News from …

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The man whose midwife was Saddam Hussein, announced dead by Saudis! Massoud Rajavi

The man whose midwife was Saddam Hussein, announced dead by Saudis!

In an official MEK (Mojahedin-e Khalq of Iran, aka MKO) meeting, a Saudi guest speaker mentioned that Massoud Rajavi is dead. Prince Turki Al-faisal, who is a member of the Saudi Royal family and the former head of the KSA spy agency, gestured to Maryam Rajavi twice while directly saying “your late husband”.For a long time the MEK has …

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Iran-Interlink Weekly Digest- 151 Iran Interlink Weekly Digest

:… If he is alive they must prove it beyond doubt. But if Massoud Rajavi really is dead and Maryam Rajavi has not informed her followers this will have been the biggest deceit perpetrated against the ordinary members in the history of the organisation. It is doubtful that any amount of cultic brainwashing will whitewash that kind of treachery…

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Iran-Interlink Weekly Digest - 150 Iran Interlink Weekly Digest

Iran-Interlink Weekly Digest -  150

Following the recent attack on Camp Liberty in Iraq, 103 formers and human rights activists and families wrote open letters of condemnation. Families in particular expressed worry about their loved ones. Fortunately this time there were no casualties. Nevertheless the concern is justified. All those writing have one thing in common. They are suspicious that this attack, like all the others, occurred at a time …

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