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Mojahedin. WS Mojahein.ws tries to illuminate facts on Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) for the present and coming generation to judge for themselves.. This web-site intends to be a source-base covering facts and details in regard to MKO, that is to say, all clients, researchers, critics and any interested individual can easily have access to a rich, reliable source for the needed information.

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Posted on :September 24 2013

Posted on :August 31 2013

MKO’s Adopted Means to Promote Democracy The likelihood of finding principles of democracy practiced within the terrorist cult of Mojahedin Khalq, as the group claims it is adhering to after its de-proscription, is much lower than expecting a Palestine–Israel peace treaty. History is about remembering and no tide of history can wash away the countless records of terrorist deeds perpetrated by the most …

Posted on :August 07 2013

Human Shields to Protect MKO Ms. Kambash is not the first to make a comment about the inhuman approach by MKO to use members as human shields. Through any taken opportunity in the past, there has been an attempt by ex-members and other experts to tell the world of the concerns about the members not living but enslaved by MKO against their own will

Posted on :July 23 2013

The Future of a Terrorist Bastion The military and cult bastion of the terrorist MKO is nearing the end of its days as one of the most controversial spots in Iraq. The last remaining group of the members, a total of 100, will be forced out sooner or later and leaves the camp in the hands of the local authority in Diyala Province. The province’s …

Posted on :July 15 2013

MKO Advocates Embroiled in Scandals Bob Filner, a former congressman and San Diego Mayor, is seeking to survive the sex scandal that is the talk of America’s Finest City. ...Such double standards may insult those who truly care about their words and behaviors. But that is the type of freedom, human rights and women’s right that the advocates of MKO have learned to respect.

Posted on :July 14 2013

MKO’s aka MEK/PMOI fierce campaign in the past well depicts the wrong direction that the group had taken for the cause of democracy. How can it claim to be following the principles of democracy when the very same president-elect of the group, Maryam Rajavi, is elected through no social and inter-organizational voting....

Posted on :May 07 2013

MKO Fuels Warmongering Propaganda MKO hopes that the old allies develop a unanimous consensus over the military option against Iranian regime. It would make both allies a perfect united ‘alien element’ for a total dependence. What MKO/MEK/PMOI has achieved so far has been an unfortunate outcome; its desperate struggle to achieve the reproachful, anti-national and ambitious goal has brought the group into disrepute among all struggling oppositions.

Posted on :May 04 2013

The rejection well indicates that MKO never aims to leave Iraq nor is looking for a final solution for resettlement of the members long enslaved physically and psychologically. It seems more a tactic to buy time to impede the gradual dissociation of the organization.Taken as a typical of MKO, the group did not hesitate to put the blame of a deliberate rejection on others …

Posted on :May 01 2013

A Second Attack on Camp Liberty … The suffering, enslaved insiders of MKO have always been the frontline victims and their families, pressing effortlessly to rescue them, have repeatedly declared that Iraq is not a safe place for their children and relatives to stay. From the very day the first group of members arrived at Liberty, the leaders began a widespread campaign …

Posted on :April 29 2013

Undue Credit for a Terrorist Cult There is no direct answer to the question that why MKO so eagerly attempts to garner the US attention but for certain it helps to better understanding of MKO’s opportunistic nature; it has always been looking for an alien element to rely on just as it did nearly three decades ago by moving to Iraq in agreement to operate under Saddam’s supporting umbrella. The ultimate outcome of alliance with Saddam was an ever-growing social hatred and antipathy towards MKO.