MKO's Eternal Light Operation

A portrait of “Eternal Light” drawn by an Eye – witness Mujahedin Khalq Organization as a terror group

A portrait of “Eternal Light” drawn by an Eye – witness

Ms. Manijeh Habashi who is a former sympathizer and member of the MKO, witnessed Rajavi’s overestimated invasion, the ”Eternal Light”. In her detailed description of what she saw in the Eternal Light Operation, she tries to portrait the scenes she perceived, without judging or analyzing the events. She believes that her expressive article is significant enough to enlighten the mind of her audience.

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MKO’s disastrous military venture Mujahedin Khalq Organization as a terror group

MKO’s disastrous military venture

In spite of MKO’s aka MEK/PMOI widespread terrorist operations of bombing and assassination inside Iran and its later out-of-the-border organized hit and run operations perpetrated in the last three decades as well as its broadly launched military operation like that of the Eternal Light, it seems that the organization has never been considered a serious threat for the Iranian regime..

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Permanent exhibition over MKO crimes in Eternal Light Operation Habilian Association

Permanent exhibition over MKO crimes in Eternal Light Operation

.. Revealing Mujahedins’ long history of violence and terror the exhibition also indicates their treasonous role during Iraq-Iran war and their alliance with Saddam Hussein while fighting against their own people. It also concerns with the cult-like lives of MKO members, their internal relations, complicated brainwashing and ...

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Eternal Light caused the death of about 2700 MKO Members Mujahedin Khalq Organization as a terror group

Eternal Light caused the death of about 2700 MKO Members

On the occasion of the twenty-first anniversary of Eternal Light (Forough Javidan) Operation that caused the death of about 2700 members of Mujahedin Khalq Organization, Nejat Society held a meeting at Khuzestan Office where 15 defectors attended. In 1987, Eternal Light Operation was launched by MKO/PMOI/MEK across Iranian borders after the cease-fire between Iran and Iraq.

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Mujahedin's Eternal Light Operation Hadi Shabani

Mujahedin's Eternal Light Operation the MKO or the so called PMOI members, our mind didn’t work tactically. We couldn’t understand it...Now that I see, I figure out that the operation was a failure from the beginning. Moving in a line on tanks in an asphalted road had no possibility to success but nobody knew that at the time...Afshin who liked colt very much took out his colt and killed all of th captives..

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Organisational Divorces within PMOI Mujahedin Khalq 's Cultism

Organisational Divorces within PMOI

After the defeat of Mujahedin in its terrorist operations, including the operation dubbed as “Eternal Light” , the leadership in order to cover up its own weaknesses and failed strategy, declared that the reason for the weaknesses of MKO/PMOI forces was the lack of devotion and in order to remove this deficiency, it declared a series of ideological revolutions and required from the members to cut themselves from all the physical and psychological attachments in order to increase their capabilities to combat the enemy

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On the anniversary of a suicide operation Mujahedin Khalq 's Function

Twenty years ago and after the Iran-Iraq cease-fire in 1988, Rajavi dispatched thousands of his warriors on ''Operation Eternal Light'' across the border ...It was a total military failure and a proven suicide operation excluding the leader ...The operation Eternal Light was the result of the search for an outlet out of an inevitable cul-de-sac rather than to be a strategic necessity.

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Nejat Society visited three defectors Hassan Nasouri

Nejat Society visited three defectors

I went to Turkey legally. Before my departure I could watch the organization’s program on their TV channel, in Bushehr. In Turkey I called the organization’s linker and asked for joining them. I could reach Iraq that June. After staying in Bagdad for a few days I arrived in Karkuk where I received military training for Chelcheragh Operation and then Eternal Light Operation. Following the operations I returned to camp Ashraf.

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