The People's Mojahedin of Iran:A Struggle for What?

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Indeed, until the coalition's armed intervention in Iraq, Massoud and Maryam Rajavi had succeeded in creating and violently enforcing a cult of personality on their dwindling band of ageing followers sheltered by Saddam Hussein on his territory. Until then, there were those in the West willing to turn a blind eye to these practices or gullible enough to accept the lie that PMOI was a democratic movement.

First hand accounts by former members and victims presented here allow us to probe the reality behind the Moujahedin's well financed propaganda machine. They uncover a military-political movement which has acted simultaneously as a political party, a mercenary force, an intelligence bureau, a cult and a heavily armed gang of common criminals.

Although dying, the PMOl may show some spasms of rage here and there. For this reason, the two authors of this investigation have decided to write under the joint pseudonym of Victor Charbonnier. One is a journalist for a major weekly magazine. The other is a former international television correspondent.