Four decades, no contact

Nurmorad is from Andimeshk; a county in Khuzestan province, Iran. During the Iranian 1997 revolution, Nurmorad was a sympathizer of the Mujahedin-e Khalq group. After the revolution he was tricked into moving to MKO camps in Iraq. From…

We cannot withstand being far apart from you

Mr. Mahmoud Fadaei is behind the bars of the Rajavis’ cult for long years. Being far apart and unaware of their beloved, Mahmoud’s family suffer a lot. Mr. Fadaei has 4 sisters: Bibi jan,Tahere,Mamlekat and Ehteram. They wrote a…

MKO to make another prison in Albania

Malek Beit Mashaal is from Ahwaz. He spent 15 years within the affairs of the Mujahedin-e Khalq Cult. he left the group in Albania. “ I defected the group due to the leaders’ lies.Through new rules they sought to make the new base…

Nejat Society meeting in Mazandaran

The families agreed that they shouldn’t be disappointed despite the deteriorating conditions of members in Albania. They wont let the cult to separate their beloved family members from the family afections.  

We are hopeful to hug our dear Ali in near future

They have had no contacts with their dear son, Ali for many years. Hearing the news of newly defected members of the group in Albania, the Haj Esmaeili family became so happy. They believed that the MKO Cult is on the way of decline.

MKO ex-members at EUP Social Democrat meeting

Formers Reza Sadeghi and Ghorban Ali Hossein Nejad attended a meeting of the Social Democrats in the European Parliament discussing the situation of refugees coming into Europe. They talked to MEPs and their staff about the MEK in…