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Iran Interlink Weekly Digest

Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 217

There was, as could be expected, a lot of Farsi activity on the internet this week. Much of this was shouting back at Rajavi and her misuse of the people’s demonstrations in Iran. The Twitter hashtags #shutuprajavi (along with #shutupTrump)

Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 216

Many commentators say they have observed that the MEK is fully under the thumb of Saudi Arabia – not Israel or America. They ask, ‘why are you in Tirana and not in Riyadh?’ Others have pointed out that the MEK...

Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 213

Mehdi Khoshal who was attacked by the MEK on EU parliament premises, wrote a short note in Fanous website explaining that between the door of the EUP to reaching Luxembourg Square he was attacked three times by MEK thugs.

Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 213

Interesting developments are taking place in Albania. A document which the MEK is forcing people to sign before they are taken to Ashraf Three (the new isolated camp north of Tirana) has been published

Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 210

++ Homeira Mohammad Nejad from the Women’s Association wrote an analytical article in which she explains that nowadays the MEK has abandoned celebration of everything except two events – 30th June (marking the self-immolations of 2004) and…

Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 209

++ Last week the MEK were happily supporting Trump’s stance toward Iran and betting on war. ‘Trump will finish Iran off’ they proclaimed to their members and anyone else who would listen to them. This week, however, they suffered a setback.…

Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 208

++ Among the reactions to Maryam Rajavi’s support for Donald Trump’s speech, many referred to the MEK as mercenaries and claim ‘this, as other issues, will go away’. But many others remarked on what happened after the speech and that…