Hostage-Taking to Boost Bargaining

One of the oldest methods of MKO to increase bargaining capabilities is to take hostages. Hostage-taking generally takes place when the MKO is in crisis and the only way it has is to create a disaster.

Terrorists take advantage of hostage-taking by two ways: either they threaten the hostages to death in order to create the situation of fear and force victims to accept their requests or they suggest releasing them in return for receiving special advantages.

The efforts of MKO to get out of Iraqi crisis have the properties of a criminal act of hostage-taking; the only difference is that instead of ordinary people, they have taken hostage their own members!

Mercenaries of Rajavi’s gang, who have a long history of selling their own members, try to put pressure on humanitarian organizations to accept their requests.

On one hand, they threaten to create humanitarian disaster- committing suicide by all members (threatening to kill the hostages)- and on the other, they claim that any movement of members equals the death of all members (receiving advantage).

The MKO also brings to the scene those whose condition is of a big concern for humanitarian organizations in order to block humanitarian efforts and private interviews with them.

Recently, the group is bringing to its TV channel those whose families had asked to meet; in TV programs, such members express hatred towards their families and this is a part of MKO’s hostage-taking plan.

On the other hand, they prevent dissident members from leaving the group and encounter them severely.

The gang of Rajavi has opened a new chapter in its criminal history by taking hostage its own members.

Reports from Ashraf Camp indicate that requests for leaving the group have increased, despite the moves of MKO leaders, and the pressure on the leaders is unique.

The main reason for asking to leave the group is that Rajavi’s claims on risks waiting for members in Iran have proved to be baseless.

Now MKO members see a lot of former members who have returned to Iran and they have even settled in Europe.

Therefore, the MKO tries to impose itself on the Iraqi government so that it may continue keeping members as hostages to guarantee the survival of the group.

Unfortunately, humanitarian organizations have no access to MKO camp to get information on the situation of hostages and reports are only coming by hostage takers. Thus, it is really necessary to publish information about the members in Camp Ashraf.

 Irandidban –  2007/03/19

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