I am concerned over my son’s health conditions at MEK Camps

In a letter to the head of the WHO and the Albanian government, Mr. Motaleb Babaei Chamazkati expressed concern about his son Houshang Babaei Chamazkati, who was detained in the MEK camp in Albania, and asked him to contact his family.

Honorable President of the World Health Organization
I am Motaleb Babaei Chamazekti, the father of Houshang Babaei Chamazekti. My son has been a prisoner of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK, MKO) for more than thirty years and now lives in the organization’s camp in Albania.

I do not have any information about my son’s condition because the MEK does not allow my son to call his family and we are now unaware of his health.

This is a matter of great concern to me and my family, given the widespread wave of the Coronavirus in the MEK camp in Albania and the deaths of several people in recent weeks.

As the WHO Official I ask you as well as the Albanian government to intervene in the situation of the MEK camp in Albania, because this organization does not allow anyone to enter the camp, and this is very worrying. You are aware that the coronavirus can cause many casualties in closed environments and in public life, such as the MEK camp in Albania.

I would also ask you to enquire the officials of the MEK to allow my son to call his family so that after a few decades we can hear his voice and be informed of his health.

Motaleb Babaei Chamazketi
Ghaemshahr – Mazandaran – Iran

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