Why the MKO Doesn’t Leave Our Land?

Millions of Iraqis ask this question from the government and parliament of Iraq repeatedly, but we hear from some politicians and occupiers that Iran is interfering in Iraq; meanwhile, they ignore the presence of terrorist MKO in Iraq, which started in 80s when Saddam was in power. Could these claims justify the presence of this group in our land? The organization that stood beside Saddam Hussein and, as all Iraqis know, Saddam used it to achieve his goals.

Isn’t it that the presence of this terrorist organization in Iraq, with the protection of the US, a clear interference in Iran’s internal affairs?

Americans are well aware that the MKO has no popular support inside Iran and has no place. We know that the US always uses some cards against its enemies but this time it has chosen a loser card; it’s like betting on a dead horse, which has no influence on the political scene. We also know that this desperate organization is supported by both the US and groups like Al-Qaeda, Baathists and pro-Saddam elements. This could be seen by a look at the record of MKO’s supporters. People like El-Elyan, Al-Dulaimi, all supporters of former regime… think that they can use this group at any time to kill the Shiites in the south; the same thing that was done by their master during Sha’banieh uprising, in which hundreds of thousands of Iraqis achieved martyrdom.

This terrorist organization has expressed hostility towards Islamic Republic and tries to overthrow the Iranian regime; to achieve this, they use all possible violent means including explosion, mortars and in short the same methods of al-Qaeda.

Isn’t it true that support for this organization is a clear interference in Iran’s internal affairs? As an Iraqi citizen, I’m not at a position to confirm or deny Iran’s interferences in Iraq but I can see the threats of the US and UK against Iran everyday. This is Iran’s right to defend its interests and its integrity.

We ask others not to interfere in Iran’s affairs, this is the first step. If the US likes to help Iraqis, it could ask its Saudi ally to stop deploying terrorists and financing Baathists.

Iran announced that it supports new Iraq, its government and its political process. They established their embassy in Baghdad immediately after the fall of Saddam; most of Iranian officials came to Iraq and have provided large amounts of financial aids for rebuilding infrastructures in Iraq. They even accepted Iraq’s request and meet their main enemy for the sake of Iraq.

The US and its army should protect Iraqis, of whom hundreds are being killed everyday in terrorist operations; it’s now more than 4 years since Americans came to Iraq but Iraqis have seen no construction. Not even a single street has been built in Baghdad. Where are Americans’ promises?

Iraqis now require their basic needs, but they only see daily crises.

As a citizen, I see no difference between the presence of MKO and the presence of Al-Qaeda in Iraq. The US should stop playing game with the fate of nations, particularly with that of Iraq.

Salim Al-Ramisi/Sotaliraq, June 06, 2007

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