Timing to broadcast documentary: “from Tirana to Tehran”

The documentary “from Tirana to Tehran” will be broadcast by Press TV, on Tuesday.

The newly released documentary, “from Tirana to Tehran”, produced by Nejat Society, depicts the grieves of families of members of People’s Mujahedin Organization (PMOI, MEK, MKO) during the log years of separation from their beloved ones in the group’s camp.

documentary: “from Tirana to Iran”

The documentary will be broadcast by Press TV channel at 19:02 (15:32 GMT), on Tuesday, November 22nd, 2022, for its first public presentation.

The premier of the movie was held by Nejat Society, on Thursday. A large number of families of the MEK members who have been taken as hostages by the group and its former members attended the event.

Addressing the audience, Ebrahim Khodabandeh, the CEO of Nejat Society emphasized on the necessity of being alert about the true nature of the MEK as a terrorist anti-human entity.

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