The father of Meysam Afshar asks for the release of his son from the MEK

Sohrab Afshar, the father of Meysam Afshar visited the office of Nejat Society in Zanjan. He once more asked for the release of his son from the camp of Mujahedin-e Khalq in Albania.

Maysam was deceived by the MEK recruiters when he was a teenager. He has been in the MEK for over 20 years. His father has so far written so many letters to the International human rights bodies and the Albanian Prime Minister demanding his release and at least the permission to contact him.

The father of Meysam Afshar and Eskandari the head of Nejat Society Mazandaran office

Sohrab is concerned on mental and physical health of his son who has been taken as a hostage by Maryam Rajavi and has not been allowed to contact his family during the long years he has been kept in the cult-like atmosphere of the MEK camps in Iraq and Albania.

In his recent visit to Nejat Society, Sohrab called on the UN Special Rapporteur on human rights to take action for the release of his son and to pave the way for the visit of his family with Meysam.

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