Nejat NewsLetter NO.15

Nejat NewsLetter-ISSUE NO.15



1.    Why the US granted protected status to Iranian terrorists

2.    Another assassination attempt by MKO in Paris

3.    Witnesses to testify against MKO

4.    11th of Sept 200l and the MKO

5.    MKO from resistance to treachery

6.    France to probe killing of Iranian

7.    11 Sept and MKO’s tactic of duplicity

8.    Many Iranians conclude the US is supporting a terrorist organization

9.    The highest pitch of stupidity

10. MKO henchmen in western countries

11. Cult leader Massoud Rajavi gives go ahead to kill witnesses in European countries

12. MKO behind Karbela massacre?

13. MKO, a tool in US’s psychological war on Iran

14. Iraqi government seriously angered by the US

15. Psychological techniques to cultivate ideology

16. Some useful sites on MKO

17. Elaheh obituary Times On Line

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