MKO terrorists tried and appealed in France

Mahmood Aemi (with two false identities of Mahmoud Alami and Mohsen Abbasi) and Hossein Amini Gholipour were brought to trial for cheating their friends to set themselves on fire.

Two notorious MKO elements appeared before the Court of Appeal of Paris on Friday for "incitement to suicide" after the death of one of their compatriots who had immolated by fire in June 2003 in Paris during a demonstration against the arrest of Maryam Rajavi (one of MKO cult leaders).

On November 21, 2007, the Paris Criminal Court had acquitted Mahmood Aemi and Hossein Amini Gholipour, both members of the MKO terrorist group.

The court held that there was "no doubt" the fact that both defendant had "directly and personally delivered the victim the gas can she was sent to death with.

The prosecution, which called for a two-year suspended sentence against the two men, had appealed. Friday at the hearing, the Crown has tightened his submissions, asking the court to impose sentences of three years’ imprisonment.

M. Aemi and H.Gholipour were referred to court in 2006 on suspicion of inciting Sedighe Modjaveri, another MKO member living in Europe, to commit suicide by giving her a gas can at an event June 18, 2003.

It is worth mentioning that Mahmoud Aemi (member of MKO central cadres) is known as the Rajavi’s army commander in the massacre of Iraqi Kurds and has been a commander of MKO death squads against the MKO dissociated members in the Europe.

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