When and where did you sell your soul to the devil

An ex member of National Council of Resistance of Iran (a cover organization of MEK, AKA Mojahedin Khalq) mister Iradj Shokri has written a significant article about the leader of MEK and reviewing its notorious activities during the past few years.

The name of the article is: when and where did you sell your soul to the devil

In this article he has reviewed that how under Mr Rajavi the group violated human rights specialty its own members, how it has supported terrorism and sectarism in Iraq and how it has put the life of its members in danger. Therefore it is concluded that Rajavi`s activities are considered criminal.

The writer also explains how Mr Rajavi accuses all its critics as being spice in order to make them silent and stop them from reviewing MEK activities.

Writer believes that Mr Rajavi`s leadership has brought more hatered from Iranian people towards the group and explains how  policies of the group has been against Iranian people. The group`s obvious supports and investment on war against Iran and trying to bring in more sanctions are actions which has discredit the group.

Mr Shokri also reviews how the group tried to interfere and effect Iraqi government. Obvious support for the Baath party and links and ties with supporters of terror groups were more than enough reasons for Iraqi people and officials to black list the MEK. The writer mentions that after fall of Saddam anybody could understand that MEK must leave Iraq. But Rajavi has childishly insisted that the group members stay in a country where they were not welcomed anymore and are seen as remnants of Saddam`s Regime.

As an example the mansions debt after fall off the former Iraqi dictator, Although disarmed, MEK organized a military parade and using their own propaganda machine tried to threaten Iraqi government.

After counting several huge mistakes done by the leadership of MEK The writer calls the members and supporters of MEK to study, ask and try to understand better of the situation.

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