Rajavi panic families picketing at Camp Liberty!

A number of family members of the residents of Camp Liberty gathered in front of the camp demanding the visit of their beloved ones.

On June 9th, 2015 several family members of Mujahedin-e Khalq hostages – who are kept in Camp Liberty, Iraq having no access to the outside world and under the severe brainwashing practices – established a permanent stake in front of the Camp entrance. The families’ only demand is to meet their beloved ones whom they have not visited for long years. The leaders of the Cult of Rajavi do not allow members to have any contact including visits or phone calls or even letters with their families.

The families say they would insist on their legitimate demand and won’t leave the Camp unless they would meet their loved ones.

The MKO leaders who consider the families as their cult’s arc enemy has reacted to the families’ legitimate demand by swearing at them.

The Cult leaders definitely remember the bitter experience of the rise of defection within their cult after the families four years of picketing in front of Camp Ashraf before its shutdown.

Therefore, the cult’s propaganda machine under the order of Massoud Rajavi propagate that these families of Liberty residents have come to kill them and to destroy the Camp!

The cult claims that elderly parents The Mehdifards and Shabanpours, the grieving brother of Parviz Heidar zade and the suffering daughter of Abdulhassan Ahangari are agents of the Iranian Intelligence Ministry and Quds Force!

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