Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 142

++ Behzad Alishahi – former MEK cameraman and broadcaster – has written a detailed article about the ways the MEK misuse the vulnerability of refugees. Using examples, he describes how the MEK exploits refugee poverty by paying them to attend rallies and meetings. But then, if they don’t accept all the MEK’s demands of them, the cult employs lawyers to prosecute and persecute them. The MEK regularly tries to pit the refugees against each other by spreading lies and rumours so that they will fight against each other rather than joining together to attack the MEK. More than anything though, the MEK pay lobbyists with respectable titles, such as members of parliament, to write false letters to the authorities and services in their countries against these individuals. Alishahi says that although none of this is new, the circumstances are changed. The MEK has been pushed back from many arenas, from the international and European political scene, from the nuclear issue, and they are being thrown out of Iraq and from Iranian communities outside Iran. It is time for everyone to join together and expose the MEK and put their paid agents in their place by taking them to court for abusing their positions.

++ Hacking attacks against formers’ websites have started up again. It is a regular occurrence. This time the target was Aawa Association website in Germany. Aawa’s head, Ali Akbar Rastgou published an email from his service provide on his Facebook page which explains this was the work of a paid professional hacker – which indicates that Rajavi was behind it. Rastgou says that Aawa will recover from the attack as they have before. But more than anything it shows how desperate Rajavi has become. Once he tried to overthrow the Iranian regime, now he is reduced to hacking formers’ websites.

++ Ebrahim Khodabandeh attended an annual meeting in Tehran’s Sharif University commemorating Majid Sharif Vaghefi – after whom the university is named. Vaghefi was killed by the MEK when they switched ideology from Islam to Marxism during the time of the Shah (some refer to this as the first Ideological Revolution). After this the leaders killed anyone who didn’t join with them to denounce Islam. Khodabandeh gave a speech about the internal situation of the MEK and the recent film Cyanide which covers same period of MEK history. The Vaghefi family greeted his input warmly.

++ 35 families sent a letter to Iraq’s President Al Abadi asking for his intervention because families are still not allowed near the camp to visit their loved ones. The families pleaded “Please consider the individuals in Camp Liberty as prisoners and give them the same rights that you give Iraqi prisoners. That’s all we ask.” On the same subject, Nejat Society published a short note saying that while this is the situation on the ground in Iraq, when you look at Rajavi’s websites, the headlines are becoming hysterically misleading for those who don’t know what is really going on. Instead of saying that families have gone to Iraq the MEK announce that “Commanders of the Revolutionary Guards and trained, sophisticated agents have been dispatched to kill people.” But when you look behind the headlines you realise they are actually referring to the families.

++ An article from the Eastern Azerbaijan office of Nejat Society titled ‘Can terrorists and their supporters be considered as political prisoners?’ The piece refers to articles on several of Rajavi’s websites which purport to have been written by political prisoners supporting the MEK. But when you investigate further you discover that the so-called political prisoner is a criminal who has killed five people or who is involved in drugs or other crimes.

++ An appearance by the infamous Hassan Daei (Aleslam) on Voice of America Persian Service this week prompted several reactions. Daei is known to be a covert MEK agent – in much the same way that Alireza Jafarzadeh is known to overtly represent the MEK. This time Daei blamed Iranian-Americans for stopping the American-led campaign to bomb Iran. Commentators point out that the VOA is funded by the State Department and this is definitely not the State Department’s official line. Clearly somebody has received a backhander to put Daei on air to present this particular view. Several people pointed out, however, that VOA is regularly misused in this way and reminded us of the time the programme interviewed the infamous Abdul Malek Rigi, head of the terrorist Jondollah cult, as a human rights activist.

In English:

++ An article by Ebrahim Khodabandeh titled ‘Mothers, the forgotten victims of ISIS and the MEK (Rajavi cult)’ compares the publicity given to mothers of young people deceptively recruited by ISIS and other terrorist groups, to the lack of coverage for mothers of MEK members who were also deceptively recruited and now remain imprisoned by Rajavi in the terrorist cult.

++ An article for Iran Didban asks why the MEK kept silent when news broke that one of the former members of the MeK was reported killed in a gunfire exchange between the IRGC members and a terrorist ring in Sistan and Baluchistan Province. After explaining Ahmad Sahouei‘s involvement with the MEK, the article concludes: “Undoubtedly, the MeK’s silence over [the] killing of Sahouei… suggests that they are trying to continue working in the border areas by organizing terror rings to bring insecurity and terror acts to the region. In this way they will be able to satisfy their violent tendencies and promote violence in every possible way. Interestingly, all these plots are being foiled by the people’s collaboration with security forces.

++ Nejat Society ridiculed MEK propaganda when a real photograph of a peaceful walking program by teachers and their families was used to illustrate the false news that “dozens of Iranian teachers took part in a rally in Hamedan, western Iran on Friday, demanding their basic rights and also the release of imprisoned teachers”. LOL

++ Nejat Society reported that two groups of 20 residents of Camp Liberty left Iraq for Albania on 25th and 27th April bringing the total number of individuals relocated to Tirana in six groups of relocations since January 2016 to 134. Nejat Society named these 40 individuals.

++ An interview conducted by Habilian with Matthew Hoh, Ex-US State Department Official, is titled ‘17,000 Dead Iranians. Who Knows? Who Cares?’

“Matthew-Hoh: Last month I had the privilege of answering an interview from an Iranian research agency dedicated to studying acts of terror carried out against the Iranian people. By their count 17,000 Iranians have been killed in acts of terror over the last 3 1/2 decades. Quite an astounding number, isn’t it? I have no reason to believe this number is inflated or exaggerated, but, even if the real count is only a tenth of the pronounced figure of 17,000, it would still signify a horrendously systematic attack of political violence on a people that, as elections again this past weekend in Iran have displayed, possess a desire for progress, civility, toleration and modernity…”

++ Mazda Parsi of Nejat Bloggers writes ‘Eight years after delisting, the UK still doesn’t trust the MKO’. “As a matter of fact, the world made it clear that it does not want a destructive cult with a dark history of violence and human rights abuse. Particularly in case of the UK, it was revealed in a WikiLeaks document that was published by the Telegraph on February 4th, 2011. The document says: ‘The UK Court of Appeals ruled May 7 unambiguously in favor of the Iran oppositionist group Mujahadeen e Khalq (MEK, aka MKO aka NCRI) on its long-standing petition to be de-listed as a terrorist group under UK domestic law (ref). The UK Government, which had fought the MEK’s petition from the trial level up, told Embassy it has no further legal or political recourse and must comply with the ruling; the MEK will be de-listed and its assets unfrozen sometime within the next six weeks. Official British focus has shifted to making clear that, despite the ruling, HMG will have no contact or dealings with the MEK, and to reassuring the Iranian government that the HMG continues to view the MEK as a non-credible group.’”

May 13, 2016


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