MKO former member: The group has been pushed back from many arenas

Using examples, he describes how the MEK/MKO/PMOI exploits refugee poverty by paying them to attend rallies and meetings. But then, if they don’t accept all the MEK’s demands of them, the cult employs lawyers to prosecute and persecute them.The MEK regularly tries to pit the refugees against each other by spreading lies and rumors...

Behzad Alishahi – former MEK cameraman and broadcaster – has written a detailed article in Persian about the ways the MEK misuse the vulnerability of refugees.
 so that they will fight against each other rather than joining together to attack the MEK. More than anything though, the MEK pay lobbyists with respectable titles, such as members of parliament, to write false letters to the authorities and services in their countries against these individuals.

Alishahi says that although none of this is new, the circumstances are changed. The MEK has been pushed back from many arenas, from the international and European political scene, from the nuclear issue, and they are being thrown out of Iraq and from Iranian communities outside Iran. It is time for everyone to join together and expose the MEK and put their paid agents in their place by taking them to court for abusing their positions.

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