Kastriot Myftaraj: Maryam Rajavi calls for uprising, should be arrested

In the latest issue of “Moscow Speaking” in Ora News, Kastriot Myftaraj commented on the recent threat of war that Iranian Mojahedin dictator Maryam Rajavi has made against Iran.

Kastriot Myftaraj comments on the recent call by Maryam Rajavi for an uprising in Iran that was made from the Mojahedin camp in Manzas, citing the Criminal Code of the Republic of Albania to denounce Rajavi’s terrorist demand.

Article 221 of the Criminal Code of Albania imposes imprisonment for 15 to 25 years, while the head of the insurgency can be sentenced to life imprisonment for such demands.

Article 211 carries a sentence of imprisonment for not less than 15 years for incitement to commit war, in this case by the Iranian Mojahedin leader.

Myftaraj notes that calls by Maryam Rajavi and the Iranian jihadists in Manzas for war against Iran provokes the latter to attack Albania with its missile system.

For this reason, Myftaraj denounces these calls for war and uprising by the Iranian jihadists sheltered in Manzas.

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