Contacting Defectors

  • Nejat Missions

    Nejat Society representatives in Interpol’s Project Kalkan meeting

    Three members of Nejat NGO participated the latest meeting of Interpol’s Project Kalkan hosted by Iran. Representatives of 29 Interpol member countries were in Tehran to review cooperation and explore ways of enhancing technical assistance in combating terrorism within the framework of Project Kalkan. The…

  • MEK ex-membersRepatriating after being paid by MKO!

    Repatriating after being paid by MKO!

    Immediately after I stepped in Ashraf, I figured out that I have nothing in common with MKO’s ideology and functions. Every thing was contradictory to what I saw on MKO’s satellite TV but I was afraid of expressing my idea because they would cause too…

  • MEK ex-membersOn the daring return of Fariba Hashtroudi to Iran

    On the daring return of Fariba Hashtroudi to Iran

    The big words are not always uttered be great men. The anonymous and the less-known people can also, because of the experience they have gained, speak big words. That is the outcome of the past experiences of a man who has preserved his intellectual freedom…

  • MEK ex-membersAn Unexpect Trip Disarrays MKO Headquarters

    An Unexpect Trip Disarrays MKO Headquarters

    The trip of Ms. Fariba Hashtroodi* to Iran and her meeting with the representatives of Habilian Association and Mr. Ibrahim Khodabandeh has overwhelmed MKO members and leaders in their headquarters in France. People close the MKO report of disappointment of members of this organization, particularly…

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