• Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 69

    Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 70

    On occasion Abadi announced that the problem of the MEK has been imposed on the Iraqi people, but that Iraq has developed a clear path and new plans mean they will be removed very soon. They are recognised as terrorists and murderers even up to…

  • The MKO's worse days coming soon

    The MKO’s worse days coming soon

    Once the MKO forces are relocated in different part of the world the cult hierarchy and manipulative control over members disappear. No mind control system – self criticism sessions, indoctrination meetings, peer pressure—no hegemony over the cult. This is what Maryam Rajavi and her disappeared…

  • Rajavi's cult Should Change Tactics

    Rajavi’s cult Should Change Tactics

    Bigger concern for Rajavi's gang was that Iran could get upper hand in this process. They claimed that Iran was trying to produce nuclear bomb in order to instigate the US to attack Iran, which was the only option for that phase in their view.

  • MEK’S solidarity with a fallen dictator

    MEK’S solidarity with a fallen dictator

    The execution of dictator of Iraq was greatly welcomed by the majority of the people in the Middle East, particularly by Iraqis, Kurds and Shia and some Sunnis such as Turkmen that had suffered mostly under the Saddam' Regime.There was joy among Iranians and Kuwaitis…

  • Predicting the Game Results

    Predicting the Game Results

    The White House, looking at terrorist MKO, understands this group's efforts to copy and conduct the theories of Neo-cons and Israelis, confirms that- as announced by Pentagonists- the members of this group can be used as devotees for US soldiers in any possible attack to…

  • Freedom Aspiration

    Freedom Aspiration

    Freedom Aspiration

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