About Us

Nejat Society


The terrorist Cult of Rajavi ( Mujahedin Khalq Organization) have kept a large number of honest and devoted people of our country, behind its bars of mental and physical capture, for years, abusing them to advance the wishes of the leaders.

This evil organization using the usual tricks of the cults could keep these people more and more dependant and consequently exploit them heavily, by preventing them from contacting their country and even their families.

Nejat Society was founded by some of the former members of the cult to release the friends who are still mentally and physically captured in Rajavi’s Cult, in Albania – Tirana, assisting their offended families waiting for them in Iran.


The mentally and physically released members of the cult and also the families of the captured members in the cult include the members of Society.

This Society is not depending on any governmental or political organization but it uses the existing facilities in country as much as possible.

The Society is managed democratically.


Honesty and stating the truth include the main mission of Nejat Society. The statements and information published by Nejat Society are totally based on undeniable documents and evidences.

Nejat Society warmly shakes hands with any one who is willing to help it due to humanitarian feelings.

Nejat Society condemns any violent action seriously and denies any contact with the organizations that use violence to achieve their goals.


Rescue of former friends and co-fighters from terror cult of Rajavi and rebuilding broken relationships between them and their families.

Assisting the rescued members to join their family and begin a new honorable life.

Making contacts between families and their beloved ones captured in MKO Camps .

Helping the families who are suffering the separation from their children for years and trying to conciliate their pains.

Denouncing the terror cult of Rajavi informing the passionate youth of the realities existing in the organization in order to prevent them from being captured by the evil hands of the cult.


Contacting the legal and international organizations in order to attract their support to achieve the determined objectives of the Society.

Making a large network of contacts with the families informing them on the functions of the cult along with helping their captured beloveds in Iraq.

Transferring the experiences of defectors and presenting information through meetings, conferences, internet sites and publications and etc.

Using all the available possibilities to gain aids in any possible way to develop our activities and achieve our objectives.

Holding justifying meetings for defectors, families and etc.

At the time of the MKO Cult’s presence in Iraq: Taking the legal actions to receive the visa providing the conditions to travel to Iraq, contacting the related organizations in Iran and Iraq in order to facilitate the families’ travel to Iraq.