• Iraqi Authorities' Positions on Mujahedin KhalqMKO Supports Terrorists

    MKO Supports Terrorists

    In response to the comments of MKO representatives, published in Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper, Al-Asadi told a PUK reporter that: "On their comments that 132000 Iranian agents are working in important Iraqi posts, government and parliament should respond. But as far as the governor office of…

  • Massoud RajaviIranian Mujahadeen said to be in U.S. Custody

    Iranian Mujahadeen said to be in U.S. Custody

    The leader of the Iranian mujahadeen, Massoud Rajavi, who was thought to have been in hiding since the American occupation of Iraq, is under house arrest there, according to the Paris-based website, roozonline. Massoud Rajavi and another 27 leaders of the Iranian movement, who were…

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