• Mujahedin Khalq; A proxy forceWorking the magic the 'terrorcrat' way

    Working the magic the ‘terrorcrat’ way

    So how do you land an upgrade from terrorist to democrat? That's a no-brainer; you hire the best lobbying money can buy - and invest in effective PR. In MEK's case, that's been the job of three top Washington firms; DLA Piper; Akin Gump Strauss…

  • IraqIraqi Maysan residents reject presence of MKO

    Iraqi Maysan residents reject presence of MKO

    ... [Abd-al-Husayn Abd-al-Ridha al-Sa'idi, chairman of Maysan Governorate Council, addressing a news conference] There are documents proving that, over the past years, this organization and its affiliates were involved in criminal acts and in killing large numbers of Iraqi people in a flagrant manner...

  • IraqIraq wants departure of MKO terrorists

    Iraq wants departure of MKO terrorists

    The Iraqi government has ordered main members of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) currently residing in Iraq to leave the country. Baghdad announced in a statement on Sunday that MKO members at Camp Ashraf must close their training ground and leave in a "non-forcible" manner.…

  • The cult of RajaviCult of the Chameleon

    Cult of the Chameleon

    Massoud Rajavi is the leader of this bizarre Iranian Cult who over the years helped Ayatollah Khomeini overthrow the Shah, then declared war on the Islamic Republic ruthlessly killing their fellow countrymen. They allied themselves with Saddam Hussein but now that he is gone are…

  • USAUS shuts down Iran opposition group

    US shuts down Iran opposition group

    State, Treasury and Justice departments closed the Washington office of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) or PMOI on Friday, placing notices on its doors declaring that it was now banned, officials said. ...suspected members of the group in the United States had…

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