• Mujahedin Khalq Organization as a terror groupMEK sleazy terrorists

    MEK sleazy terrorists

    One of the terrorist organizations that the U.S. accused Iraq of supporting during the run-up to the war, the Mujahedin Khalq (MEK) aka PMOI/NCRI/MKO or the "People's Combatants", has been lobbying House Republicans and Democrats. More than 300 U.S. legislators from both parties have at…

  • Mujahedin Khalq; A proxy forceOh where, O where have the terrorists gone?

    Oh where, O where have the terrorists gone?

    The group, based at Camp Ashraf, near Baghdad, was under the protection of Saddam Hussein, and is under US guard while Washington decides on its strategy....The MEK aka PMOI has been declared a terrorist group by the state department, but a former Farsi-speaking CIA officer…

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