• Mujahedin Khalq; A proxy forceBad Precedent and Bad Faith

    Bad Precedent and Bad Faith

    enforcement of this law turned out to be blatantly selective. In January 2011 civil rights lawyer David Cole, who represented the HLP before the Supreme Court, noted that well-known political figures, such as former New York City mayor Rudolph Giuliani and former head of homeland…

  • Mujahedin Khalq; A proxy forceWhen is a terrorist no longer a terrorist?

    When is a terrorist no longer a terrorist?

    This is a line up that is hard to rent, much less buy, but M.E.K and its well connected lobbyists have shown how money makes things happen in Washington.It shows how porous is the terrorism issue too. It is subject to changes in political fashions,…

  • Mujahedin Khalq; A proxy forceWashington's Hypocrisies and MKO

    Washington’s Hypocrisies and MKO

    The US reportedly funnels money to the Iranian terrorist group, MEK aka MKO/PMOI, declared terrorists by no less than the US State Department. But it is OK as long as MEK is terrorizing Iran. Washington stands with MEK's protests delivered via bombs and the assassin's…

  • USAWhy are MKO terrorists supported by Neocons and Israelis?

    Why are MKO terrorists supported by Neocons and Israelis?

    Although the United States military command in Iraq recently announced that nine Iranians arrested in Iraq by U.S. forces will soon be released, neocons in the Bush administration are delaying the release. The arrested Iranians, including five diplomats seized at an Iranian diplomatic office in…

  • Mujahedin Khalq 's TerrorismRevenge of the Jedi Bag Lady

    Revenge of the Jedi Bag Lady

    Pay no mind to her swollen feet or malodorous haze. Two informers have sworn that our homeless Jedi was indeed a member of the leadership council of the Iranian resistance group People's Mujahedeen, described by the Associated Press as a "heavily armed, Iraq-based terrorist organization."…

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