MKO Members’ Families Meet Red Cross Reps

"Representatives of the International Red Cross met several families of MKO members in the building of Association," The head of Nejat Association in Western Azerbaijan.

Arash Rezayee said to IRNA’s correspondent on Wednesday: "In the meeting, the families talked about their problems and that their loved ones were kept captives in the terrorist cult of Rajavi. They asked for help."

According to Rezayee, they asked the representatives to wire their voice to the officials of Red Cross in Geneva and other related international authorities and asked for the freedom of their loved ones from the cult.

Red Cross representatives expressed regret over inhuman limitations imposed on MKO members by the cult of Rajavi.

They assured the families to use all available options to meet the legal and natural demands of the families. They promised to talk to international officials.

Mr. Rezayee reminded that these families are members of Nejat Association.

IRNA, January 24, 2007

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