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Recipients: Albanian government, UNHCR, European Parliament, Council of the European Union, European Commission

A 2000 member Iranian militant opposition group called the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK, aka MKO, NLA, PMOI, and NCR) is based in a remote, isolated camp in Albania. Over a thousand estranged families of some of these MEK members are actively seeking contact with their loved ones.

For over three decades, the leaders of the MEK have refused to allow the families of these members to have any sort of contact with their loved ones in the MEK camps (in Iraq and in Albania).

The Albanian government has allowed the MEK camp to be completely controlled by the leaders of the organization. This situation prevents the families from contacting their next of kin. Some families have had no news of their children for decades. The Albanian ministry of foreign affairs does not issue visas for Iranians (including Iranian families wishing to visit their relatives) to travel to Albania.

We urge the Albanian government and the ministry of foreign affairs to issue visas to the suffering families on humanitarian grounds to allow them to travel to Albania and help them visit their loved ones in the MEK camp.

Please sign the petition at below link, and ask your friends and colleagues to sign the petition of the families too.

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