MEK reacts to the families’ petition

The petition addressed to Albanian PM Edi Rama has gathered over ten thousand signatures.
In response, MEK have put all their Farsi efforts into swearing at Ebrahim Khodabandeh and the families.
In response, some commentators have pointed out that MEK are becoming so wobbly that they are ‘vaccinating’ the members by making them write against their own families.
In their writings the MEK claim those who began the petition are not really families of MEK members, they are agents of the Iranian regime, and their intention in coming to the camp is “to attack us with missiles”!
Some people have commented, ‘Perhaps Albania can check at the airport that they have not brought missiles! Anyway, if anyone doesn’t believe they are related, they can do DNA tests!’

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Open letter of the CEO of Nejat Society to the Prime Minister of Albania
More than 800 signatures after a week of families’ petition

Mr. Edi Rama, Prime Minister of the Republic of Albania

I am writing on behalf of hundreds of suffering families of the members of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK, Rajavi cult) who have settled in your country. I would like to remind you that the families’ letters to the President’s Office have remained completely unanswered so far.

Ebrahim Khodabande- Nejat Society ceo

You are aware that the members of this organization are billeted in a camp in Manëz in Durrës County, western Albania. The camp is completely controlled by the organization’s leader – Albanian officials have no authority over it. The MEK organization is run as a destructive mind control cult which prevents its members from communicating with the outside world, especially with friends and relatives.

One week ago, a petition was created for the families, addressing the Albanian government, and by the time I write this letter to you, more than 800 of them have signed it. Link below:

The text of the petition, which calls on the Albanian government to provide conditions for families to communicate with their loved ones in the MEK camp in Albania, as well as the list of more than 800 signatories to the petition are attached.

Please answer why the Albanian authorities, in cooperation with the Rajavi cult, are preventing families from communicating with their loved ones? Why has the Albanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs ordered all its embassies not to issue visas to Iranians so that families would not be able to travel to your country?

The level of cooperation of the Albanian government – which aspires to join the European Union – with a terrorist cult, is shocking.

I look forward to hearing from you and, of course, I am sending this open letter to international, European and Albanian authorities, as well as to the human rights bodies and the media.

Many thanks, in anticipation, for your kind reply to this letter.

Ebrahim Khodabandeh
Nejat Society – CEO

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