Nejat families ask the Albanian PM to let them contact their loved ones in the MEK Camp

The families of the trapped members of the Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK) in Albania, from Zanjan Province (northwest of Iran), have recently sent letters and messages to the Prime Minister of Albania, asking him to let them to contact and receive news and, if possible, meet with their loved ones.

Attached to each of these letters are photographs, specifications and documents, and copies of which have been provided to other Albanian and media officials, as well as European and international ones. The families also expressed concern about the health of their loved ones in the current state of pandemic.
It is hoped that the Albanian government, as a humanitarian movement, will respond appropriately to these demands and remove the obstacles ahead. Many of these families have not had the slightest news of their loved ones for decades living in the MEK camp in Albania now.

It should be noted that during these years, many Zanjani families have passed away waiting to meet their loved ones, and they have never been able to get any news from them that their names on this list are missing.
Other families from Zanjan province are still sending letters and messages.

The table of list of letters sent so far from Zanjan province is attached.


Some of the messages given to the Albanian Prime Minister by the elderly fathers and mothers, which unfortunately the Rajavi cult calls them mercenaries and terrorists, are emphasized below:

Hanif Mohammadi Kamyab, the father of Ali Asghar Mohammadi Kamyab, wrote:”Make arrangements for me to meet my son after more than 35 years.


Gol Qiz Khalfi, the mother of Habibollah Ghasemi, wrote:”My son has been in the camps of the MEK for many years and they do not allow me to visit him. Therefore, I ask you for help.


Morteza Ghadimi, the father of Valiullah Ghadimi, wrote:”My son was a young man who is trapped in the MEK camps. Now, after many years, I have the right to embrace my son.


Also, Fatemeh Peykani, the mother of Morteza Ghadimi, wrote: “Do you know how hard it is for a mother to be away from her son for so many years? So, because of the value of a mother, I ask for help to meet my son.


Rafat Asadi, the mother of Nasser Yeganeh Taramchi, wrote:”I am afraid that due to old age I will not be able to meet my son, who has been in the MEK camps for years. Please help me to meet my son.


Soghari Azadi, Amir Parvizi’s mother, wrote:”It is a human right to visit my son, and I ask you to do so.”


Sohrab Afshar, the father of Meysam Afshar, wrote:”I would like to meet my son once or hear about him.

Samad Eskandari and Fathollah Eskandari – Nejat Society, representative of Zanjan province

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