Time to Expel MKO From Iraq

Following the downfall of former regime, new Iraqi officials should expel the MKO from Iraq.

During Saddam’s rule, this group acted as its army and he used them to pressurize Tehran. Following the ouster of former regime, the group is playing the same role for the Bush administration. The US government also wants to use this group as a political leverage against Iran as well as in bloody clashes inside Iraq.

Danger is not limited to this. It has become more dangerous. This organization has returned to its previous status and there is coordination between the members of MKO and remnants of former regime so that with the lobby of MKO in Europe, orphans of former regime have gone to the EU.

Now the question is "why the MKO members, who have good ties with some MPs and are able to link terrorist Baathists to the EU, can’t get permanent refugee status for the members in Iraq? Since their presence in Iraq is illegal and unacceptable, and with respect to the fact that the presence of the group causes many political problems, their stay in Iraq is no longer bearable.

The sympathy of former regime supporters for the group and asking for their presence in Iraq, makes their presence in Iraq more suspicious and dangerous, particularly when Baathists and Wahabis relentlessly talk about the dangers of Iranians and Iraqi Safawis, with MKO blaming Iran for the deaths of Sunnis as if the members of the MKO are neither Iranians nor Safawis!

Isn’t it true that Baathists’ sympathy for the MKO and their requests for the group’s presence in Iraq are enough evidences on the old cooperation and coordination between the group and extremist Baathists and other terrorists?

Therefore, Iraqi government should take necessary measures to expel the MKO from Iraq so that they could freely go to the countries they like.


Mehdi Ghassem/Sautaliraq – 2007/02/08

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