Ali Narimi’s family want to meet him held in the MEK camp in Albania

Mr. Gholam Ali Narimi from Khoozestan Province is presently in the MEK paramilitary camp of Manza in Albania.
Mr. Gholam was born 1960. He joined MEK in 1976 when he was 16 years old. Today he is 60 years old.

His family in Khoozestan in Iran want to meet him. However the Albanian government does not allow his family to come to Albania since Maryam Rajavi, the leader of MEK cult claims that these Iranian families are terrorist and want to kill their family member.

We have interviewed the brother of Mr. Gholam, Mr. Hamid Reza Narimi and his wife Mrs. Sager to understand if they are good people or terrorists?

They appeal in this video to the Albanian government to allow them to come to Albania and meet their brother. They appeal to Mr. Gholam to abandon MEK and live a free life.

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