Interview: Nowruzi family appeal the Albanian gov. to allow visit their brother in MEK camp

Dr. Olsi Yazhchi interviews Nowroozi pur family

Their brother ; Mohammad Reza joined the MEK in 1985. He is now in his 60s. during all these years he have had no contact with his family except a few calls during the Iran-Iraq War.
Mr. Alireza Nowroozi pur, Mohammadreza’s brother says:” my brother ,Mohamamdreza joined the MEK, 35 years ago. Since then he have had no contacts. He just called us a few times during the war.

The calls was organized in order him to get information from inside the country but not to hear our voice or get news from our well being. When the organization realized that they could not elicit any information from our family,the calls were cut off…

My parents passed away without seeing their dear son. It is a big organized crime against humanity.

Our only request is to know about my brother’s well being.

Watch the full interview and the family’s message to their brother at the MEK Camp :

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