Let us visit our children enslaved at MEK Camps

Nejat families from Arak Province sent letters to the president of Albania

Dear Mr. President,
As suffered mothers, we ask you to allow us travel to your country and visit our beloved children after long years. We are worried about our children conditions.
Albania is a democratic country and defends human rights. So why do you prevent us from visiting our children who are kept in MEK Camps in your country.
Your excellency,
We ask to issue us visa. We just want to see our children.


My name is Montaha Zahraei. My son Mostafa Ghaedi has been captivated for 35 years at MKO.
During all these 35 years my son has had no contact, not even in a letter. I wish to see my son after 35 years.


My name is Aghdas Bandi. My son Hamidreza Noori has been captivated at MKO for 30 years now. The time MKO was in Iraq, I traveled there several times, asking to meet my son. Unfortunately, the cult leaders didn’t allow me to visit my son.


My name is Fatemeh Rezaei. My son, whose name is Hassan Rezaei, has been a captivated at MKO camps for 36 years.
36 years passed with no contact, not even a letter. I miss my son so much. I lung to hug him once more.


My name is Soltan Golrizan. I had lost my mother when I was a child. As the oldest sibling, I have raised my brother Abbas Golrizan all by my self. My brother Abbas Golrizan has been captivated by the MKO for the past 30 years now. I am worried about him and have no news regarding his physical well-being.


My name is Mahin Habibi. My daughter, whose name is Parvane Rabiee Abbasi, has been a captive at MKO for 25 years. She has not been allowed to have any contact with me. I also have no contact information of her.
As a mother, I miss my daughter and wish to see her after all these years of being far away.

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