A Terrorist Organization or What? Mojahedin-E Khalq Cooperates with ISIS to Gain Power

The Mojahedin-e Khalq terrorist group has been constantly changing its face since 2003 with the fall of Saddam Hussein, and has used every means to abuse its host, and always turning its back on its host in critical moments.

They have used every means to strike at their country, such as collaborating with Saddam in the war against Iran, collaborating with the United States and Israel and killing Iranian nuclear scientists, spreading lies, and claiming human rights abuses while stationed in Iraq, France and Albania. These are all part of the dark face of the MEK, a group that has assassinated more than 12,000 Iranians, thousands of Iraqi Kurds, and Americans.

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it worth mentioning that the MEK has always betrayed its host countries, such as betray Saddam and left him alone in the war with the American coalition and threatening the Albanian people to remain silent in the face of MEK’s illegal actions and widespread fraud and money laundering in France, which once ended in the arrest of Maryam Rajavi, and now in 2020 their case is being investigated for fraud in France. In this regard, we have an interview with a former member of the Mojahedin-e Khalq, Mr. Yaghoub Me’raji, who has a history of translating Mojahedin correspondence with French officials.

Alireza Niknam: You claim that you witnessed the financial corruption of the organization and the terrorist criminal acts of the MEK group. Why, after all these years, have you recently revealed the nature of the MEK?

Yaghoub Meraji: Silence was enough since the true nature of the cult of MEK became clear to me that they seek to gain power in any form and by any means.

This cult, and especially its leadership, have become the enemies of the existence of Iran and the people of my country.

Extensive and innumerable betrayals against my country cannot be compromised and silenced, and every Iranian who cares about the interests of his country, with all his or her might to stand, has a duty against any religious-political current of thought that seeks to impose more sanctions on the people and even demand bombing and military attack on my country’s infrastructure.

Do you confirm that the organization does the brainwashing?

During the life of the cult, two factors are considered the most important strategic goal, one is extensive and permanent brainwashing concerning members and supporters within the cult and one is betrayal and cooperation with the enemies of Iran’s existence in relation to the outside of the cult.

Recently, some American officials in the post-election era have taken positions against the cult of MEK. Have your actions been along with the new American government, or was it your personal or voluntary action?

The strategy of the cult of MEK is to live in the gap between the problems of the countries with the Islamic Republic of Iran and to advance this strategy, everything is allowed, even betrayal and sedition, and cooperation with any individual or group or foreign government, whether democratic, republican, or dictatorial regimes such as Saddam Hussein, King Abdullah, or King Salman. The cult is even willing to cooperate and support ISIS to gain power.

I could not accept that the Rajavi cult would one day support ISIS to achieve its goals and cover their terrorist operations with the media and call them the Free Army.

Recently, a program was broadcast on Radio Farda about the social status of the MEK, in which the participants attacked the Mojahedin Khalq Organization. First, what is your opinion about the participant’s beliefs, and then what is your personal opinion about the social status of MEK?

I was not aware of this plan, so I cannot comment on it, but I am sure that since June 1981, the cult has been fighting for power by declaring an armed struggle against the newly established Islamic Republic of Iran, which was also defending the country against the armed invasion of the Iraqi army, entered a phase of miscalculation and strategic error and confused Iran with Latin American countries.

After the failure of this strategy and the disappointment of the Iranians’ cooperation with this cult during the urban guerrilla war phase, the cult was forced to betray, according to the idiom,”My enemy’s enemy is my friend”, and has comprehensive cooperation with other countries that had problems with Iran.

Considering your presence among the MEK members for many years, in your opinion, which figures and European governments support the Mojahedin Khalq Organization?

As far as I know, before the fall of Saddam Hussein, the main arms-financial-logistical supporter of the cult was Iraq, after that, due to the nature of the group which was based on living in the problems of the countries with the Islamic Republic of Iran, it changed to a trading cult, now Saudi Arabia has filled the empty place of Saddam Hussein for the MEK and gives the most media coverage in the soft war against Iran to this cult.

I do not know that this treacherous cult has reliable support among Western governments or not, but it invests in the way of infiltrating the body of Western society and reaching the Parliamentarians. In this case, the Albanian government, under pressure from the US government, has agreed to cooperate and serve the cult.

You have been one of the main translators of the organization for correspondence with the French authorities. How much do you think the French authorities pay attention to the opinions and letters of the Mojahedin Khalq Organization?

The cult has different sections, I worked with an affiliated NGO under the name and abbreviation of AVDH (Association for the Defense of Victims of Human Rights Violations) for a year.

By pointing to Western sensitive subjects like human rights, the cult tried to influence Western parliamentarians and representatives to take a stand against Iran with misleading news and content, which, of course, was more for the cult’s domestic usage than its dubious international influence. There is no doubt that the concerned countries also acted against Iran for their national interests.

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In the correspondence that you translated for the organization to reach the European authorities, were there any cases of falsehoods and lies? Explain in this regard?

After the disconnection between the cult and the Iranian society, to compensate for this lack, the cult inevitably turned toward foreign sources and in return, to gain the support of these governments, was willing to cooperate and even betray their own country.

In one of your last tweets, you claimed that some parliamentarians and mayors and their representatives received gifts from the organization. Was this gift a bribe? Please explain in this regard.

The cult is willing to make any concessions to advance its goals, and it does so in a variety of ways, whether in the form of bribes, holding parties, or other means.

Yes, it was bribery, this is a common practice in the cult, and in this way, the cult has infected a large number of deputies and parliamentarians.

BY Alireza Niknam- ahtribune.ca

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