Iraqi Official and Terrorist Logic

Day by day, more facts are revealed about the people involved in Iraqi political issues and now people understand that they have tied their political thought and will to those whose behaviors result from terror and terrorism. Such contradictions have turned Iraq to the center of disasters and this can be viewed in plots against Iraqis.  Sometime ago, Khalf Al-Alian, member of "Accord Front", took part in a TV debate with Ali Al-Dabbagh (Iraqi government’s spokesperson) on Al-Jazeera news channel to discuss the issue of MKO’s presence in Iraq. He defended MKO’s presence in Iraq and Dabbagh insisted that the group should be expelled from the country. Dabbagh had some reasons like: MKO’s terrorist organization and has committed terrorist acts and that MKO’s presence in Iraq contradicts the Iraqi constitution, which bans the presence and activities of terrorist groups in Iraq, and that the presence of this group is against the policies of government in its efforts to establish good relations with Iran. Despite these reasons given by Dabbagh, Khalf Al-Ayan expressed his opposition to the expulsion of MKo from Iraq and called it a humanitarian organization. He claimed that giving shelter to exiles from neighboring countries and giving shelter to criminals and terrorists, particularly those involved in suppressing 1991’s uprising, was legal! This very group executed anyone who escaped the fronts during Iran-Iraq war. The comments of Al-Ayan were made in response to the services of MKO for him (they paved the way for his trip to Europe and his meetings with EU representatives).  It seems that Al-Ayan has forgotten his own controversial comments in which he said Iraqi Shiites were Iranian Safawis and that MKO (hypocrites) are from Safawis and they are Shiites! How long would he continue to talk nonsense?

Shoqi Alisee/Sotaliraq –  2007/04/07

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