Ms. Akhlaqi Azadpour expressed concern over the health of his son in the MEK camp

Ms. Effat Akhlaqi Azadpour, the suffering mother of Mohammad Tavakkoli, who is trapped in the MEK camp in Albania, wrote a letter on behalf of herself and her daughters to the World Health Organization in Albania, expressing concern about her son’s health and calling for the removal of obstacles to receive his health conditions.

The text of the letter is as follows:

Representative of the World Health Organization in Albania

Greetings and respect,
I am Effat Akhlaqi Azadpour, the mother of Mohammad Tavakkoli, who is now in a closed and remote camp of Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK) in Albania with no connection to the outside world.

Mohammad’s sisters and I have not seen or contacted him for many years, and we have not even received a message from him, and this always hurts us severely.

But now the news worries us a lot, and that is that my son is probably infected with the Covid-19 virus and is living in a severe condition, and the health conditions inside the camp is also unfavorable.

As a mother, I have no dreams at the end of my life other than hearing my son’s voice and hearing about his health. I am not able to travel due to old age and illness, and of course Albania does not allow me to do so. But why is it impposible for the MEK members to make a phone call or send a letter?

I ask you not to neglect any action that is conceivable and fruitful in order to allay the concerns of the old mother and the expectant sisters of Mohammad Tavakkoli, so that news of him reaches us and communication is possible.

There must be fathers and mothers among your staff who are always worried about their children and asking about their condition when they are sick. So you know very well how a mother or a sister feels about this. Is it justified to prevent members of the MEK from contacting their families?

With respect
Effat Akhlaqi Azadpour, Akram and Fatemeh Tavakkoli
Iran, Mashhad

Copy to:
Office of the Prime Minister of Albania
Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

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