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Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 285

Negotiations Bad For MEK

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++ Amidst the news that Iran and Saudi Arabia have held discussions in Baghdad, some commentators pointed out that with JCPOA negotiations taking place in Vienna and now talks with Saudi Arabia in Baghdad Maryam Rajavi has been left in deep shit. She has first lost Saddam and now the Saudis. She will have to find another benefactor. No wonder MEK are trying everything they can to stop any negotiations.

++ On the back of Facebook closing several MEK accounts, people have written that from the time of Saddam to now, the MEK has misused media and social media outlets. Nejat from Tehran published an analytical piece on MEK cyber-terrorism. The piece details how MEK uses social media and the media, paying for advertorials and performing information laundry. The article concludes that it is time for people to wake up. ‘It’s not damaging those you want to target. It is damaging to you. Like a virus, you are not immune yourselves when you spread it.’

++ To mark the 1st May, International Workers Day, many have written reminders of how anti-worker MEK has been and is. Inside the MEK, they use forced labour and slavery. People are forced to work at gun point. They receive no money, medical care, there is no retirement. Some have written about their own experiences of working whilst with MEK.

In English:

++ Three pieces about the MEK in Vienna demonstrate what a hot potato the group is. No western country wants to take responsibility for them, and that, as Anne Khodabandeh points out, has allowed Iran to tell its domestic audience that neither America nor Europe is serious about the talks as they allow a terrorist group freedom to toxify the atmosphere surrounding the talks. Kourosh Ziabari in Asia Times and Maziar Motamedi in Aljazeera, also write about the MEK presence in Vienna. Ziabari suggests that the US (Facebook) is somehow side-lining the MEK after Trump, and Motamedi reports that the US and EU find the MEK challenging. But neither go so far as Khodabandeh to suggest that the US must dismantle the MEK in Albania to demonstrate to Iran that it seeks to negotiate in good faith and with good intent.

++ Iran-Interlink posted a BBC report on the FBI raid on Rudi Guiliani’s home in relation to his dealing with Ukraine. This is a reminder that Maryam Rajavi has paid Giuliani tens of thousands of dollars to advocate for the MEK’s regime change agenda. The company they keep…

++ Mehr news reported the words of Iran’s Defense Minister, Brigadier General Amir Hatami at the commemoration ceremony for Quds Force second-in-command General Seyyed Mohammad Hejazi, who died last week. Hatami praised Hejazi, Soleimani and Shirazi (who was assassinated by MEK) as role models for the next generation. Iran’s resistance forces have become a sizeable and influential power in the region, he said.

++ Albanian historian Olsi Jazexhi in an interview by Reza Moshfeq in the Tehran Times, described MEK in Albania as a front organisation of Israeli imperialism against Muslims. Although MEK continues its terrorist activities with Israel in Iran (assassinations), Jazexhi says there are signs that the Biden administration could dismantle the MEK slave camp in Albania and de-radicalise the members.

 Apr 30, 2021

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