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Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 288

Rajavi Solves Israeli-Palestinian Riddle: Iran Did It

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++ Over the last two weeks, MEK sites and Maryam Rajavi have been keen to declare a victory for Israel after its massacre of Palestinians in Gaza which were condemned as war crimes throughout the world. Rajavi ludicrously then claimed that if Iran had not been involved, the Israelis and Palestinians would have no problems and would be living together in peace and harmony. Essentially, she claimed that Iran was behind the conflict. Her conclusion, of course, is that President Biden should attack Iran and bring about regime change, with her in charge obviously. This will make everything between Israel and Palestine OK. Among the reactions to this was a piece by Mansour Nazari in France which goes into detail about the history of the MEK. Nazari concludes that from the time of Saddam, for forty years, on every occasion and in every place, the MEK have been totally on the side of the enemies of Iranians: ‘Following the shadow of the enemies of Iran’.

++ According to a decree issued by Massoud Rajavi, the National Liberation Army no longer exists, and all membership has been dissolved. A new army has been established and everyone will have to write and ask to be a member of the new NLA. First they’re out, then they’re in again! The irony is that this is done in a mass meeting with closed doors so everyone is forced to comply or suffer the consequences (punishment). Among many reactions, commentators point out that the last four times the NLA was dissolved and resurrected were in Iraq when they had arms and armaments. Every time this was done Rajavi felt the organisation was collapsing. Now in Albania there is no army and there is no need for an army. It is clear though that the MEK leaders are weak and desperate. This is about pushing the residents of the camp in closed conditions with no contact with the outside world, to sign a commitment not to leave.

++ In an attempt to influence the election in Iran, MEK are full on telling people not to vote, especially those outside Iran. MEK claims to have cameras outside polling stations and the tacit support of the CIA, and they will kill people who vote. They threaten that there will be bombs in polling stations in Iran so people should keep away. The MEK claims its ‘sleeper cells’ are now active and will kill people. The MEK wants to create an atmosphere of fear – terrorist tactics. The basic message is: don’t go to vote. In order to attempt to dissuade people from voting MEK also claim that it’s obvious Ebrahim Raisi will win so it’s not a genuine election anyway. On that issue, Ebrahim Khodabandeh wrote a note in which he explains that while with the MEK at the time Khatami won the presidency, he was invited to go on Sky News on behalf of the MEK. Khodabandeh says that “our line, on which I was briefed, was to say that Khatami would definitely lose the election, that the regime could not change and that a snake will never give birth to a dove… When I went to the studio, although all the other guests were saying the same thing, I was hardline about it. However, it turned out that Khatami won and I remember on a later occasion when I met the interviewer, he said ‘I was led to believe the same thing’. It shows you can’t be certain of the election at any time. Nobody can predict the outcome.”

In English:

++ According to a piece by Nejat Society, the MEK honed its propaganda capabilities during the 1970s and 1980s, boasting of its deadly activities in Iraq and Iran – the assassination of six Americans in Iran, bombings, sabotage, indiscriminate murder of over 12,000 Iranians, cross border operations and military operations against Iraqi Kurds and Shiites in Iraq. This irrefutable evidence in its own words turned out to be counterproductive after the MEK was exposed to media scrutiny when the terrorist organization was moved to Albania and the controversial lifestyle of the MEK members invited investigation. This led to several damning reports by various media, including Der Spiegel and the BBC. The MEK cannot escape its past nor the fact that it is sustained on the back of 2000 modern slaves.

++ Several outlets reported that US Secretary of State Antony Blinken banned Albania’s former PM Sali Berisha from entering the US on the grounds of corruption. Iran-Interlink reminded us that Berisha was instrumental in having the MEK removed from the US terrorism list, and that Albania’s political system benefitted financially from hosting the MEK there. Berisha was an enthusiastic advocate for MEK. And notoriously corrupt.

++ Massoud Khodabandeh wrote after news emerged that Albania’s Council of Ministers have approved legislation to streamline documentation for all foreigners in Albania, whatever their reason – holiday homes, work, asylum, etc. The initial White Card will convey the same rights as citizens except the right to vote. Former MEK members have already applied and been registered to receive the documentation. This will allow them to work, buy property and run businesses. Khodabandeh wrote that this documentation is applicable to all MEK members. To this end, Maryam Rajavi has tried to hide this information and force the members to commit to abrogate their individual rights in favour of obedience to the terms of MEK membership. This is impossible under Article 30 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

++ Italian and Albanian media reported that two old Iranian men who were caught smuggling 3 vials of Astrazenica vaccine from Germany via Italy to Albania. Under the title ‘MEK Crime Organisation’ Iran-Interlink revealed that the men are long-term MEK members living in Germany, and the 18-dose vaccine was probably destined for Maryam Rajavi. She prefers to remain separated in Tirana from the ordinary members, who are dying from COVID-19 in the closed camp in Manez. The Iran-Interlink piece covered the history of criminal activities of the MEK which are now the main activities of the cult.

++ Several outlets revisited historical MEK crimes and abuses, including abuse of women, assassinations, murders and more. Nejat Society drew attention to a current scandalous abuse of human rights as the family of 78-year-old Rahim Kiuhan seeks help from the international community to rescue him. Kiuhan has tried over many years to be able to contact his family. MEK has cruelly prevented this. As a result of the continuous mental and physical pressures imposed on him over this issue, he is now reportedly very ill in the MEK camp in Manez. Unfortunately, Kiuhan is one of many MEK members and their families suffering inhuman abuse at the hands of Maryam Rajavi and her acolytes, on whom the responsible officials and authorities have turned their backs.

++ Tehran Times reported on a speech by Iran’s Spiritual Leader Ayatollah Khamenei. In his address to the nation, Khamenei said that Iran is ‘stronger than ever’. He touched on American predictions that the IRI would not see its 40th anniversary; “I do not remember so many predictions of decay and collapse to have been made about any other system.” This was interpreted as referring to former US national security advisor John Bolton’s version of this prediction when he addressed a gathering of MEK members in a propaganda rally in 2017. [MEK leader Maryam Rajavi has since been expelled from the EU and is now isolated in Albania.]
Jun 04, 2021

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