Signatures of the petition urging for the trial of the leaders of the MEK exceeded 10,000

A petition titled “Trial of MEK leaders” has been organized on the Nejat Society website. The number of signatories of this petition that “welcomes the trial of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK, MKO, Rajavi Cult) leaders, especially Massoud and Maryam Rajavi in international courts”, exceeded 10200 thousands by this morning.

It should be noted that a court was held in the Iranian judicial system in Branch 55 of the Tehran international Court of Law to hear the complaints of 42 former members of the MEK, who were subjected to solitary confinement, torture, and physical and mental sufferings in Camp Ashraf in Iraq. The court was held in March 2021 with the presence of representatives of domestic and foreign media and human rights and international organizations.

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In this court, former members of the MEK spoke about the crimes committed by the Rajavi Cult against them and their families for more than 30 years, and some of them had the effects of physical injuries inflicted on them as a result of torture shown to the court judge and those present.

In this petition, more than 330 views in support of the international trial of Rajavi cult leaders have been recorded. A few number of the comments are as follows:

Asad Pak, a former member of the Rajavi Cult, wrote: “I am Asad Pak, a prisoner of war in the Iraqi camps for 9 years. In 1990 I joined them through poisonous propaganda of the MEK. I was in their organization for ten years with the most difficult conditions. In 1999, in an inhumane manner, I was taken to prison in Camp Ashraf on the pretext that I was an infiltrator and an agent of Iran, and I was tortured and harassed. After a few months, I was transferred to Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, where I was held for two years under harsh conditions. I left there and returned to Iran in 2001. I hope the leaders of the Rajavi Cult will be tried as soon as possible and our rights will be taken from them.”

Alireza Saliqedar, brother of Khosrow Saliqedar, imprisoned in the Rajavi Cult’s camp in Albania, wrote: “My brother Khosrow is a member of the Rajavi Cult and is unaware of my mother, who is paralyzed. A mother who travels to Iraq many times to embrace her son, but to no avail. In the meantime, Rajavi should be held accountable before the justice. We the families do support this. That day is not too far away.”

Mohammadreza Mobin

Mohammad Reza Mobin, a former member of the Rajavi Cult, wrote: “Undoubtedly this is one of the most glorious cases of the fight against terrorism and cultism in Europe, and the highest point of hope and encouragement for the former members who, like us, have been telling the world for years. that the organization has cultic relations, and within its relations there is widespread repression and torture of its members, and the cult leaders must be tried in an international anti-cult court. But we had nowhere to go, and always at the height of repression, we only reached out to God, and we asked him for help.

the mother of Fereydoun Nedayi

Written by Ms. Roghayeh Farazian, says it all: “I am the mother of Fereydoun Nedayi. My son was captured in the war and he has been imprisoned in the Rajavi camp for many years and I do not know about him. Fereydoun’s father died suffering from my son’s separation. I waited every day for Fereydoun to come back. I went to Iraq many times, but they prevented me from meeting my dear son. I wrote letters many times and asked for conditions to be provided so that Fereydoun’s father could hear Fereydoun’s voice when he was sick, but Massoud and Maryam Rajavi did not pay any attention. I have asked for the release of Fereydoun and all the prisoners. I wish my voice would reach Fereydoun and he would know that we are waiting to hear his voice and the news of his separation and we are waiting for him with open arms. I will not give up trying to save my dear son, and I will not stop trying as long as I live in my body. I, a mother, can never forget a part of my body, and my only wish is happiness and saving for Fereydoun, and I breathe in the hope of his return.”

Soraya Abdollahi

Soraya Abdollahi, head of the Nejat Society’s Mothers’ Organization, wrote in a message: “Mothers, the forgotten victims of the Rajavi Cult, along with the suffering families and former members of MEK, support with all their capacity the complaints of the former members in the International Court of Justice in The Hague. There is no doubt that victory in this path will continue until the release of all prisoners held in the Rajavi Cult’s camp in Albania. It is not far when our loved ones step into the free world.

Leila Kiukan

Leila Kiukan, the youngest child of Rahim Kiukan, a captive in the Rajavi Cult in Albania, wrote: “Greetings to all the loved ones who, like me and my family, have been suffering by this criminal cult, and I wish health and release for all prisoners in the Rajavi Cult, including my own father, Mr. Rahim Kiukan, and I hope this separation ends soon. Rajavi knows that we will fight to the end for our loved ones, father, mother, brother, and sisters, and we will bring him to his knees soon.”
Bahman Hashemi, brother of Farzin Hashemi, a prisoner in the Rajavi Cult, wrote: “My brother Farzin has been a prisoner in the MEK terrorist organization for several years. My brother had a wife and two children abroad. The MEK terrorist organization, an enemy of the Iranian people, deceived my brother. It ruined his life. My mother died longing to see my brother. I will take revenge on my mother for Rajavi and his gang.”

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