Moradkhani: We never forget our loved ones in the MEK

Fereidoon Moradkhani is the brother of Davood Moradkhani. Fereidoon attended the on-line conference held by Nejat Society, last month. Fereidoon has not been able to contact his brother Davood who has been taken as a hostage by the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO/ MEK/ PMOI/ Cult of Rajavi) for 31 years.

Fereidoon addressed the conference:
“…My brother Davood Moradkhani was taken as a prisoner of war by Iraqi forces in the Iran-Iraq war in 1985. He was jailed in Romadi camp for five years. The MEK recruiters came to the camp and promised him to take him to Europe. Davood went to MEK’s Camp Ashraf but it was a one-way path. There was no exit. We have not met him for 35 years. The horrific cult of Rajavi does not value my brother even as a prisoner sentenced to death; he has been deprived of having any contact with us, his family.”

Fereidoon Moradkhani; the brother of Davood Moradkhani

Fereidoon Moradkhani declared his support for the action taken by 42 former members of the MEK to bring the leaders of the group to justice. “My family and I signed the petition to support the petitioners,” he said. “We never forget our loved ones in the MEK. We are terribly concerned about their heath during the Covid Pandemic in the group’s camp in Albania.

He also appreciated the efforts of Nejat Society to call out the voices of suffering families of MEK hostages. “These actions lit up a spark of hope in our hearts,” he added. “There are numerous individuals like my brother who were brainwashed by the cult and their life was ruined under the shallow promises of the cult.”

Moradkhani spoke of his several trips to Camp Ashraf, Iraq, where he was not allowed to have a short visit with his brother but he and other families picketing there were insulted and attacked by the group agents.

Fereidoon Moradkhani ended his speech saying, “Expressing my hatred toward the horrible treasonous cult of Mojahedin, as the representative of my other siblings, I declare my support for the trial of the group leaders and I demand all individuals and organizations related to this case including the High commissioner of Human Rights of the UN and the International Court of the Hague to aid us paving the way to contact our beloveds who are behind the bars of the Cult of Rajavi in Manza, Albania.

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