Father of an MEK member: I have forgotten the face of my daughter

Mohammad Ghasemi - father of shokooh Ghasemi

Shokooh had just finished high school when she traveled to Turkey in the early 1990s. She was planning to immigrate to Europe via Turkey in order to study in a European university.
“In turkey, she called us a few times and told that she was getting prepared to travel to Europe,” her father, Mohammad Qasemi told Nejat Society. “After some time, we lost her track. Shokooh did not contact us anymore.”

Shokooh Qasemi had joined the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO/ MEK/ PMOI/ Cult of Rajavi). “She was the commander of a tank unit in Camp Ashraf,” says Foad Basri, former member of the MEK. “I used to see her from time to time when I was there.”

Mohammad qasemi – father of shokooh Ghasemi

Mohammad Qasemi has not seen his daughter for over thirty years. He has not even heard her voice through a voice call in the years of Shokooh’s membership in the cult-like system of the MEK. He has made efforts to contact his daughter; he has written several open letters and has published text, voice and video messages on Nejat Society website in the hope of visiting his beloved daughter someday.

In his latest message, he says:
“I wonder how Rajavi speaks of freedom and democracy while he has kept my daughter behind the bars of his group for many years. Is my daughter free? If she is free then why don’t you allow her to call her family? This is so inhuman. Rajavi has taken my daughter as a hostage. I have not seen the face of my daughter for over thirty years. I have forgotten her face. I read that Rajavi wants to liberate Iranian people! Are Iranian people in prison?

They are living their lives despite their issues. I am telling Rajavi : ‘First liberate those you have imprisoned in your group! Let alone the Iranian people!’ Rajavi and his commanders are not human beings. I am looking forward to the day that my daughter will unshackle herself and get back to embrace her family.”

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