ICC prosecutor is invited to travel to Iran and observe the sufferings of the MEK plaintiffs

Mr. Karim Assad Ahmad khan; Honorable Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court

Mr. Karim Khan,
The Attorney General of the International Court of Justice
Dear Sir,

I am Samad Eskandari. I am honored to introduce myself as the legal representative of the plaintiffs in Iran. In order to hear the testimonies of the witnesses and the plaintiffs of the lawsuit filed against the leaders of the Mujahedin Khalq, I invite you to travel to our spectacular Iran to observe the sufferings of the plaintiffs and the families whose children are still taken as prisoners by the MEK.
We would be grateful if you could accept this humble invitation. The legal process of your trip will be followed through official channels. I am looking forward for your early response and I hope that you will accept my invitation.

Samad Eskandari,
The representative of the plaintiffs in the case of the MEK cult

Samad Eskandari, former member of the MEK

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