The journalist is threatened with death by the MEK

Criminalistics expert Ervin Karamuço has stated that yesterday in the MEK camp in Manez, Durres, a journalist was threatened with death.

Invited to “ABC e Mangjesi”, he revealed that at the morgue they told him that they should do the news as the mujahedin wanted.

Criminalistics expert Ervin Karamuço

“It has not been said at all, but yesterday a journalist was threatened with death. They told him that he is looking at this victim here, that the journalists went to the morgue. “Don’t think about doing the news differently because you will also become like this”, they told a journalist girl and I was surprised. I said: ‘How is that possible? What did you say? What is this threat that becomes? For what reason?’. That even these phone calls that are made are censorship and tell me, why are you talking, did you become a collaborator with Iran, did you sell us out? I am a professor who speaks up when I see 15 injured policemen, the moment my State Police are hit, I speak up. I have the messages here, but they are not of a threatening nature, that’s why I don’t publish them”, said the expert.

We remind you that inside the camp there was allegedly a raised base that was in violation of state regulations. The control was ordered by SPAK after there were suspicions that the residents inside the camp were intercepted by people infiltrated by Iran.


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