Gathering of Nejat Society outside Turkish Embassy

Following the raid by the Albanian Police to Mujahedin-e Khalq’s base in North of Tirana, Nejat Society hold a rally outside the embassy of Turkey which represents Albanian interests. Nejat Society includes families of residents of the MEK’s camp, Ashraf 3, and former members of the group.

The gathering was held to express gratitude to the Albanian government for the action they took to legally investigate the MEK’s headquarters as a potential place for conspiracy, cyber-attack, financial fraud and human rights abuse.
Expressing their gratitude to the Albanian state, families of MEK members who are taken as hostages in the cult-like system of the group, asked the Albanian authorities for the shutdown of Camp Ashraf 3 and the trial of the leaders of the MEK.
Ebrahim Khodabandeh, The CEO of Nejat Society spoke in the gathering. “After seven years of supporting the MEK, the Albanian government came to the conclusion that the security of its country is more important,” he said. “What we said from the very first day. Now we should take immediate action to seek our requests.”

He expresses further demands of families of MEK members based on traveling to Albania to visit their loved ones and their release from the group’s isolated camp in Albania. Khodabandeh valued the twenty years of humanitarian activities of Nejat Society members.

A ten-point statement signed by members of the society was read out during the gathering. Families asked the Albanian government to prevent the MEK leaders from using their loved ones as human shields against security forces.
The raid of the Albanian anti-corruption Police to Camp Ashraf 3 on June 23, 2023 was the country’s first action taken to investigate the Cult of Rajavi as a formerly designated terrorist group with a long background of violence and human rights abuse, after near ten years of residence in the Albanian territory.

The gathering was coincident with the official settlement of the Albanian Police inside Ashraf 3 to set up a checkpoint there.

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