Mr. Mohammad Zade letter to his brother Maqsud

The respectful family of Mr. Moqsud Mohammad Zadeh, especially his mother has been waiting for him for more than twenty years.

But the unkind leaders of MKO still ignore maternal emotions and think of their own ambitions.
By their close communication with Nejat Society and ICRC the Mohammad Zadeh family has been always looking for a way to release Maqsud from the horrible Rajavi’s gang.

Today his awaiting mother, confined to bed, expects MKO leaders not to prevent his beloved son from returning home.

There is no doubt that the right to deciding for one’s fate is one of the basic human rights which is absolutely considered as one of the most important human rights by the Global Human Rights Statement.

The leaders of the cult of Rajavi must obey the courteous request of Maqsud’s mother and his other family members. The leaders of Rajavi’s gang should no more violate natural and basic rights of their victims.

Bellow is Mr. Mohammad Zade letter to his brother Maqsud

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