Pars Brief – Issue No.53

... Iraqi officials could not immediately be reached for comment. In the past, the government has said the exiles will not be forcibly returned to Iran, where the Islamic leadership considers the People's Mujahedeen, or MEK, an enemy of the state...The U.S. military will relinquish control of a base near a compound housing an Iranian opposition group next month

·         US to close base near camp housing Iranian exiles

·         Iraq confirms its intention to remove the Mojahedin Khalq and the U.S. offers to host them in Europe

·         Report of Secretary-General to Security Council May 2010

·         Families lobby for PMOI visitation rights

·         A book on MEK "Misled Martyrs"

·         Mojahedin Khalq (MEK, MKO) and Iraq – bribery, intrigue and chaos

Download Pars Breif No.53
Download Pars Breif No.53

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