Nejat Society Khuzestan Branch welcomed by families

A delegation of Nejat Society, Khuzestan office including Mr. Hamid Dehdar Hassani, Mr. Ali Ekrami , Mr. Ali Sorkhian and Ms. Khabazan were welcomed by families of MKO captives on Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011. Nasiri Teymours, Ebrahimi Nezhads,Rahimis,Rashidis and Kaleh Jooiees were families of five captured members in the Cult of Rajavi.

During the visits, the families were very hopeful to have their loved ones back among them.
Members of Nejat Society reported the recent activities and situation of families picketing at Ashraf gates.

Families appreciated efforts of Nejat NGO to release their loved children. Besides, they told their memoirs of visits with their beloveds at Camp Ashraf where they were not allowed to visit their children freely without the control of MKO officials.

Families also declared their readiness to offer help to Nejat Society with their activities for salvation of Rajavi’s victims.

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