Escape of three more leaders of MEK from Ashraf

Three leaders of the MKO in Camp Ashraf northeast of Baghdad have escaped and surrendered themselves to Iraqi security forces.

A source, who asked not to be named, said in a press statement on Wednesday that, "the three leaders were able to escape from Camp Ashraf", noting that one of the three defectors from the organization is a high ranking member.

The source pointed out that "there is information from the Camp New Iraq (formerly Ashraf) which have been confirmed stating the existence of many numbers of those resident in the camp who are trying to get out".

The source said that "dozens of them managed to escape from the camp and those responsible for holding them in the camp and surrendered to the Iraqi government [asking it] to help them".
The last who managed to escape from the camp last April were three of the leaders, Mary Sanjabi, Abdel-Latif Shardari and Barat Kikhani, who escaped and surrendered themselves to the Iraqi forces. They revealed the poor conditions in which the ordinary members are treated and accused the organisation of not respecting international laws and the laws of the host country as well as its interference in the internal affairs of Iraq.

Ali Aldhargam – Translated by Iran Interlink

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