Rocket Attack on Camp Liberty

Iraqi militia takes credit for rocket attack targeting Iranian dissident camp

“We warned the members of this terrorist organization to leave Iraq as soon as possible … If they don’t do so, there will be more similar attacks,”al-Mukhtar Army commander Wathiq al-Battat was quoted as saying by Iran’s Fars news agency.The PMOI stands accused by rights groups of taking part in the brutal suppression of a 1991 Shiite uprising against Saddam Hussein…

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Rajavi Ideology – ‘shed blood for publicity’

Rajavis are responsible for the deaths of over 25,000 Iraqi citizens. In this context we may never discover who launched attacks on the MEK. What we can state however, is that the Rajavis caused these deaths because in spite of giving ‘repeated warnings’ they refused to allow these vulnerable individuals to be taken to safety…

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