The Threat of Cults

Interview with Homa Khodabandeh

when you were born, your father was sent on duty to Sweden by MKO and your mother who was a British woman and had married your father when they were students, went to Sweden to show her daughter to her husband and asked to meet your father. Meanwhile your father demanded his responsible to visit his daughter, the responsible replied that he can go but they have a lot of works to do. Then your father felt ashamed …When my father was a Mujahed he could visit me only four or five times.

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MKO, A Threat Against Iraq

Past and present experiences prove that the Mojahedin-e Khalq organization is like a blade at the hands of occupiers against innocent Iraqis. We witnessed the brutality of this treacherous organization during Iraqis’ Intifadah (uprising) in 1991. Members of this organization were pioneers in suppressing our nation. Former senior Iraqi officials counted on this group. MKO had a strategic place in security and intelligence issues.

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Neurink told Radio Farda she got interested in the subject about two years earlier, when MEK members immolated themselves after their leader, Maryam Rajavi, was arrested in France. Neurink asked herself why people would do such a thing, and said”My book tells a story that many don’t know — about brainwashing, about the imprisonment of friends and comrades, about torture, and about persuading people to go to Iran and kill civilians.”

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